Heating Repair Guide

Different Types Of HVAC Services


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning or as we simply know as HVAC is used widely in both residential and commercial settings. HVAC companies offer lots of different services for these clients and their services are not only intended improve the function of the equipment but it helps too in reducing their utility costs.


Following shows some of the common HVAC services that you can get from HVAC companies.


Number 1. Servicing and cleaning the furnace - it helps in eliminating potential heating issues during cold weather by getting the furnace serviced and cleaned on a regular basis. The air filter of your furnace must be clean all the time as this prevents dust and dirt to be trapped in the filters that then blocks the airflow.


When the airflow is obstructed, the furnace works harder leading to reduced efficiency as well as outputs and thus increasing your utility bill. Certified and licensed HVAC contractor will look at the annual fuel engine efficiency or AFUE of your furnace and give advice on how to handle your heating system properly while lowering your heating bills in the process. Get a quote here!


Number 2. Air conditioner maintenance and cleaning - air conditioning unit that doesn't cool well but is still running may possibly have a coil leak problem. Number 2. Air conditioner maintenance and cleaning - there is possibly a coil leak problem in the air conditioning unit if it is still running but doesn't cool. HVAC experts will be looking for the leaks and recharge the system if needed by cycling it constantly so it won't raise the costs of your utility. If it's essential to replace the cooling system that's not effectively functioning, then the professional will suggest a new cooling system with high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating.


Number 3. Installing programmable thermostat - turning your heating and cooling unit down when you're away can literally save you a lot in regards to your utility bills. This is where having a programmable thermostat comes into place. HVAC experts can install these types of devices so by that, you can just set the HVAC system to turn the heating or cooling down whenever you are not at home and then switch on when you're about to return.


The building or the house s going to have a more suitable temperature when you're there but saving huge sum of cash while you're away for this reason.


Number 4. Audit energy consumption - doing energy consumption audits are very useful in terms of establishing whether the equipment is cost effective and working efficiently. From heat loss, heat gain, energy efficiency and proper ventilation, these all can be assessed by HVAC companies in order to figure out if the equipment can cool and heat your building or house effectively. Learn more here!